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Students and teachers of VGDance will be throwing a dance party "Space Jam"

"Space Jam" will be an evening full of popular music with cosmic ambience, drinks, social dancing, and RUSSIAN PIROGIES! Following awesome dance workshop on Hustle and Foxtrot, join us for a dance/practice session from 8pm to 10 pm and try out your new dance moves.


When: April 13, Workshop: 7.00-8.00, 
                          Dancing: 8.00 - 10.00


Where: 612 David street, Victoria BC. United Church, entrance from David street, top floor.

Tickets are 10$ for workshop and 5$ for the party. Gift certificates draw for privates at VGDance!


Buy your tickets now! We'll have only 40 tickets available. 

Happy dancing! 


Contact our administrator through: or 250-891-5757

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