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On June 17 2018 we will host Annual Medal Test.


Medal Tests are a way for beginners or more accomplished dancers to mark their progress in the art of Ballroom Dancing. It is ideally suited to “social” dancers as well as to students who aspire to higher levels of performance.

During a Medal Test, you may either dance with their me or be partnered by another student. An Examiner will observe their dance performance, produce a written critique and allocate a grade or score. At the completion of the test the successful student will receive their critique and score sheet, a personalized Certificate for their dance level plus a Medal (Pin). Please note that this is purely a dance test. No technique questions will be asked.

A single dance will take around 60 to 90 seconds; the entire test, allowing for short breaks between routines, will be between five and ten minutes. The total time allotted depends on the number of dances being tested by each student.

Test will follow requirements of the Canadian DanceSport Federation in accordance with International Dance Teachers Association step list. Our examiner will be one of the founding members of the CDF, judge, teacher and mentor, Barbra Child. Barbara Child, originally from London, England, first started dancing at the age of sixteen and shortly after became a member of the Latin dance team at her local studio. This highly successful team provided the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the UK and Europe for competitions and demonstrations. After moving to Canada she resumed competitive dancing as an amateur before turning Professional to teach and compete in both Standard and Latin styles. Currently Barbra acts as a mentor to teachers and is currently teaching, training, and judging across Canada.

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