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Dance of Desserts

Students and teachers of VGDance will be throwing a Social party "Dance of Desserts"

“Dance of Desserts” was  an evening full of desserts, tea, coffee, drinks, social dancing, and popular dance music! Guests were taught a dance lesson on Viennese Waltz. Guests and teachers brought their favourite desserts.  We provided dishes for food, glasses for drinks and table clothes.


Kaboom! We'll have an amazing guest instructor Ekaterina from Vancouver. She will teach American Style Vienesse Waltz (sneak peek videos).

When: March 25, Workshop: 6.45-7.30, 
           Potluck and socializing: 7.30 - 8.00, 

           Dancing: 8.00 - 10.45

Where: 286 Hampton Road, Victoria BC. Les Passmore Senior Center.

Tickets are 13$ in advance and 15$ at the door. Gift certificates draw for privates at VGDance!


Buy your tickets now! We'll have only 60 tickets available. Please let us know what special dessert you are planning on bringing. 

Happy dancing! 


Contact Victor through: or 250-891-5757

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