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Viennese Waltz Workshop


Monday at 8.00 - 9.00 pm


October 3, 17, 24

About the Course

In this three-week Workshop series, Victor will teach fundamentals of the Viennese Waltz, a beautiful, flowing almost skating-like dance. Even experienced dancers will benefit from revisiting the basics.

While not required, students will be encouraged to change partners as this really enhances the learning experience.

Your Instructor

Victor Golubkov

Victor Golubkov

Victor Golubkov is a Russian trained dancer with over 30 years of international ballroom dance and performance experience. Victor's best results were as follows: Winner of the Open Malaysia Championship, World Championship semifinalist in 10 dances, the prize-winner of the Open Championship in Italy in International Standard and in Latin American dance. Victor's experience also includes over 15 years of intensive teaching, mentorship, and dance management. As a professional teacher and mentor of dancers Victor believes that dedication to the art of ballroom and latin dance and hard work will help his students to achieve goals beyond their imagination.

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