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Your Personal Ballroom Benefits

Ballroom dancing will help your child to develop an aesthetic appreciation, and enjoyment of physical activity as the beauty of rumba, waltz or jive requires physical effort. Classes help build muscles in growing bodies, develops correct posture, and promotes healthy cardio-vascular development. Coordination of exercises requires work of both hemispheres of child's brain, so it develops imaginative and logical thinking harmoniously.


There is a different level of physical activity in ballroom dancing, which means that your child won't be too tired. The dance learning process is built in a way to ensure that every child will get the precise amount of exercise to allow him or her to feel the joy of dancing, and not fall from exhaustion. This principle is very important to us. A well-known fact is that dancing stimulates the production of endorphins and cheers you up! This makes ballroom dancing unique - it both develops aesthetic taste and improves health. Another important advantage of ballroom dancing is the minimized risk of injury compared to most traditional sports.


Perhaps one of the most important things which learning ballroom dance during childhood offers is the development of communication skills with the opposite sex. It is no secret that many of children's and teenager's problems are related to the fact that it is sometimes difficult for kids to find understanding in relations with a boy or a girl they like. Kids don't have experience in building relationships and therefore any careless word could break their young hearts. This why it is so important to help your child form high self-esteem, and to teach them to be happy and open in relationships with peers of the opposite sex. Certainly, ballroom dancing is one of the best ways to develop self-confidence and respect for one's partner. This is also an excellent way of socializing for your child. Dancers in general are often more empathic, meaning they better understand and appreciate people around them. Through dance, we teach children to respect themselves and others for both similarities and differences.


Finally, ballroom dancing is based on a rich, and authentic culture from different nations. Each dance is a sensual, and magical extract of a different people's culture. It means that your child will develop an interest to learn about the diversity of the world!

Visit our open class and bring your child - it is much better to try once, then to read thousand times about it!

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