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My Method
More than 25 years of experience has helped me to develop my main professional principle of a careful, respectful approach combined with artistic motivation and hard work.
Every child is unique and their happiness and destiny is of great importance. A teacher should not expect the same result from every child, but each child should have all the best opportunities to reach for their goals. A teacher should motivate kids to achieve their best.

Studying at our school doesn’t mean that your child has to want to become a professional dancer, but he or she will have every chance to achieve this if they want.

The work is challenging, but also highly entertaining and imaginative. One of our main goals is to teach your child to work hard while enjoying what they are doing.
Keeping parents involved is very important to my work. Together, we will work together when it comes to your child’s dance education. I clearly understand that you want to know not only that your child is having a good time, but that you also need to understand how these lessons are useful for him or her. Our goal is to contribute to providing a better future for your child through leading him or her to become a healthy, happy, and successful person.
The entire process is completely open, transparent and monitored by you as parents. I will explain to you thoroughly and regularly what we are doing during lessons and, more important, what skills are being improved.
Our course includes participation in competitions and performances in Victoria and Mainland.

Looking forward meeting you and your child in our school!

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